Queer Life Drawing is back!

Hello and Welcome to Queer Life Drawing!
This is an online life drawing class that is open to everybody and works exclusively with models on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. After a hiatus, Emory is now running Queer Life Drawing. We will run a monthly session this May, June, July, and August on the third Sunday of each month. Our weekly sessions will start again in September!

Models will be announced on Instagram, so please see our profile for more information! Our handle is @ThisIsQueerLifeDrawing

This class was started to raise the representation of LGBTQIA+ people in both life drawing classes and art! Historically queer folks have been misrepresented, underrepresented, and erased from art and art history. We aim to provide a safe opportunity for artists and models to work together and explore the queer figure, particularly the trans and disabled queer figure. We hope to see more representation in art as a result!

Our first session back will be on 19th May 2024 3-4:30pm BST with the wonderful Kiwie (they/she)

We currently use automatically generated closed captioning. Every pose length will be announced and written in the chat. There is no pressure or obligation to chat but we are a friendly bunch!

House Rules

  • Please enter the Zoom Meeting 5 minutes before we start.
  • Videos on and mics muted during poses!
  • Sober Space! No visible consumption please. Any alcohol in mugs/non-descript vessels and no smoking on screen.
  • You may not screenshot, photograph, or record any part of the class. If we find out you have done so this will result in an immediate ban for life.
  • No Pronoun Assumptions! You don’t know unless you know; refer to each other by name unless told otherwise!
  • We are an 18+ event. If you are below the age of 18 and wish to participate please contact the organiser prior to the event and gain permission to attend with an adult/parent/guardian.

Happy Drawing!

You can purchase tickets here


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